The Ultimate Home Portal

Turn engagement with prospects and clients into referral and repeat business.

Hi, I’m Brent Knapp

Let me introduce Assurance Home Loan’s homeowner engagement platform.

To win the next transaction, stay connected to every homeowner in your sphere and deliver meaningful value at scale through personalized home management portals.

Extend your trusted brand

Full white-labeling solutions to build your brand and stay connected, including logos, colors, email domain, and digital business cards

Weekly touchpoints on autopilot

Deliver branded content that’s relevant, timely, and personalized to each homeowner to add value for years

Boost your referral business

Boost referral business by embedding your preferred partners inside homeowner portals, where clients can access your network all in one place

Stay connected and deliver value for years.

Help past clients, sphere contacts, and leads build wealth and manage their home in one place.

Monitor home value and equity

Manage maintenance, repairs, improvements, design and furnishing

View nearby listings, recent sales, and real estate trends

Embed your professional network

From their homeowner portals, clients can hire your recommended home pros to:

Manage home maintenance tasks

Make repairs when things break

Complete home improvement projects

Stay top of mind with branded communications

Each week, homeowners receive personalized content across a variety of subjects on autopilot.

Track equity growth

Manage the home

Get home services

Track the real estate market

Track engagement and find the next sales opportunities

Monitor homeowner activity in one centralized dashboard to predict when they’ll need you next.

View signals for future transactions

Track referrals to service pros

Better understand your client's needs to follow up when it's time

Be there when it’s time to move

Homeowners move about once a decade. From their portal, they can:

Track interest rates

View purchasing power

Explore nearby listings

Reconnect with you when it's time to buy and sell again

Use Cases

Engagement strategies for each type of client in your database to ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Nurture Leads

Prospect Farm

Nurture Contacts

Bundle Services

Closing Gift

Co-market with partners

Invest in your growth.

Nurture leads, sphere contacts, and past clients until they’re ready to buy, sell, or borrow again.