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Brent Knapp

Brent Knapp

Mortgage Specialist

Mortgage lending has been in my blood for quite a while. More than twenty years. Right out of college I worked for a Brazilian tech company translating user manuals into English. They went out of business and I was looking for a job when a friend suggested mortgage lending. I asked, “What’s a mortgage?”

I‘ve been hooked ever since, which is long enough to have seen a lot but certainly not everything. Something different comes along every week that keeps it fresh. I guess it’s the nerd in me that likes all the numbers, and the liberal arts side of me that enjoys helping people at a really exciting time of life — buying a home.

I still like to go to work and help someone get a mortgage, everyday. Hopefully, today, I get to help you…

How my business breaks down

  • Purchase 72%
  • Refinance 28%
  • Repeat customers 33%
  • Referrals from previous customers 24%
  • Referrals from real estate agents 35%
  • Other sources 8%

Assurance Home Loans

We want to EARN your goodwill so you think of us whenever you need a mortgage, and we hope to provide that mortgage in a way that also creates FRIENDSHIPS.

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