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When you hear “home improvement”, don’t let the image of dollar signs be burned into your mind. You can absolutely renovate your home a little bit at a time for as little as $150.

With some creativity, your house can be given a fresh face lift for a veritable steal.

Shine Up Your Floors

Dingy, dull floors can really be a drag on the overall look of your house. If mopping isn’t quite doing the job, consider restoring the wood’s natural luster with a product that is specifically made for shining wood. Ensure the floor is clean and dry before applying the product via the manufacturer’s directions.

High traffic areas benefit from a twice yearly polish, while lower traffic areas can get away with an annual shine-up.

Affix a New Light Fixture

An outdated light fixture is akin to those hideous 1970s macrame earrings your Great Aunt Tessa loves to sport. Whether it’s a tacky brass or a gaudy gold fixture, that eyesore hanging above your kitchen sink or dining room table can drag your modern space back into the hole of the 1990s.

Pendant lights, sconces, or chandeliers instantly improve the ambiance and appeal of the room.

Add Some Shelving

Do you ever feel like you need a slap on the hand when you start to add to the pile of clutter on your end tables and counter tops?

Perhaps some appropriate storage is what you need to end that everlasting battle between clutter and minimalism.

A modular shelving unit can showcase your favorite pieces or serve to mask the pile of bills that come on the regular. Add some baskets to a few of the shelves to hide the unsightly things and fill the rest of the shelves with books or your favorite knick knacks.

Perk Up Your Curb Appeal

Adding a few accessories to the outside of your home can completely change your house from cookie cutter rancher to quaint abode.

Repaint your house numbers and add a punch of color to your mailbox. Some large potted plants or seasonal fixtures add additional coziness to a space in the home that’s usually neglected aesthetically.

Install a Backsplash

A backsplash can make your kitchen charming with character or sleek with modern flair. Backsplashes are relatively cheap to install if you’re creative and use your thrifty side. Bead board is very cheap and an affordable way to add some country charm to your kitchen.

Stainless steel is a viable option for a modern look, and tile is also affordable and easy to install without a professional.

Do a Little Landscaping

You can quickly give new life to your front yard with just a few carefully chosen and placed plants. Hardy perennials placed along your walkway gives your yard texture and depth, not to mention color when they bloom in the spring and summer.

Give an Antique New Life

If your dining room needs a little something extra, consider repurposing an antique hutch or armoire and giving it a new job as a beverage station.

You don’t need a fancy butler’s pantry to store your assortment of fine liquors and decanters.

Fix wine glass holders to the underside of the shelves to create even more space.

Put the Family Entertainment Away

Those unsightly towers for your CDs may have been all of the rage in the 90s, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth nowadays. Hide away the family movies, games, and other objects away in an armoire or that extra linen closet. This will keep them organized and prevent those boxes of Clue and Twister being scattered around your family room.

Add Some Light to the Yard

Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean your yard can’t have a little oomph thrown in. Add some solar lights to your walkway or even toss some small LED lights to your porch stairs for a bit of classical whimsy. It will also invite you out to use the space even more when there are some warm lights to guide you.

Treat Your Kitchen to a New Appliance

Don’t let your larger scale appliances do all the work. You can lighten the burden on your stove by purchasing a new toaster oven or enjoy a fancy coffee every morning with a new espresso machine. Match your counter top appliances with your permanent ones for a cohesive look.

You don’t have to have an unlimited budget to update your home and give it a more streamlined look. Small changes can create big looks. You don’t need to tear down walls, replace flooring, or change out fixtures to get the new look you’ve always wanted in your home on an affordable budget.